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 Сомов Денис Сергеевич

The Acting Rector of GSU
Denis Sergeevich

The Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism
On September 3rd a meeting was held at GSU in memory of all who was killed by terrorists 16 years ago in a school in Beslan. GSU Acting Rector D.S. Somov in...
Knowledge Day in a new format
On September 1st our University celebrated Knowledge Day. This year, more than 800 young men and women have joined the student fraternity. Taking into accoun...
The high visit: Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia P.A. Kucherenko in Gzhel University
On August 31st the ceremony of opening a new student hostel took place at Gzhel University. This event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Science and Hi...
Expanding cooperation
From July 29th to August 6th Deputy Director of GSU Institute of Social and Humanitarian Education O.V. Borisova discussed the prospects for cooperation with...
We are not saying goodbye!
On July 17th the graduation ceremony for the graduates of GSU Institute of Social and Humanitarian Education took place. Deputy Head of Ramenskoe ur...
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