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Dear friends! 

Welcome to the site of our unique educational institution, which appeared on the Gzhel craft in 1899 as a branch of the Stroganov Art and Industrial School, thus marking the creation of the art school of ceramics.

Today Gzhel State University is a multidisciplinary higher educational institution that implements more than 40 educational programs of higher and secondary vocational education according to modern standards.

Our students are actively engaged in scientific research, sports and art, they represent the University with dignity in regional, all-Russian and international competitions, contests and festivals. The University has created comfortable conditions for learning and meaningful leisure for young people, living in a hostel.

Gzhel State University is known as an international center for the training of ceramic artists. The university successfully implements student academic exchange programs, joint research projects, and hosts international festivals and forums.

For those who decide where to go to study, GSU ​​is the best option. You will be convinced of this by reading the information on the University’s website and visiting our open days. 

D.S. Somov 

Acting Rector of GSU, Doctor of Pedagogy

new student dormitory

 Сомов Денис Сергеевич

The Acting Rector of GSU
Denis Sergeevich

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