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Dear friends! 

I’m pleased to meet you on the site of our unique educational establishment! 

I hope each of you will find here some useful and interesting information about the directions of education and specialties of the institute, as well as about the scientific, cultural, social life of our stuff.

The university is developing dynamically, in accordance with the Russian Federation Ministry of Education standards and it’s included in the list of the most effective universitys in the country. 

We managed to create friendly atmosphere, which encourages active living position and creative growth. High professional level of the stuff, modern material resources and high level of education have made the university well-known not only in our country, but abroad as well. Nowadays we teach students of different nationalities who come not only from our country and Post Soviet Union countries but from abroad as well. International festivals, competitions and scientific conferences are held in our university annually. Some of our teachers and students are the winners of international festivals and competitions which are held in Russia and abroad. 

Professional training in Gzhel originated from the classes in drawing, taught in the branch of the Stroganov Empire specialized school. Nowadays the department of decorative - applied arts and design is of the mostly developing departments of the university but keeping traditions of the past on the one hand, we are trying to keep abreast of the times, and enlarge a number of specialties of higher and secondary education which are in the Labor market demand. 

Those students who are making a decision which university to enter, we recommend our university. You’ll aware of it after studying the information on the site of the university and, moreover, you can visit the university and see everything with your own eyes. Every fourth Saturday of the month we meet with our potential students and tell them of the university. 

Welcome to our university!



B.V. Ilkevich, 

Rector of the Gzhel State University, 

Doctor of Pedogogics,

 Honored worker of the Higher

 professional Education of the Russian Federation



Ilkevich  B.V.
rector GSU 

Ilkevich  Boris  Vladimirovich 

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