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  Faculty of social and humanitarian education  

 Faculty of Service and Tourism was established in 2004. Its opening was a consequence of the necessity concerning formation of highly qualified staff in the field of Tourism and Service. First generation of students majoring in "Social and Cultural Service and Tourism" was enrolled at the beginning of September 2004. The main task of the Faculty consists in the formation of highly qualified personnel, indispensable in the sphere of Service and Tourism.

 Dean of the Faculty Uvarova Natalia Nikolaevna, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor.

 Teaching staff consists of highly qualified specialists in posession of scientific degrees or experience in the sphere of service and tourism.

 For more than a century (from 1901) our educational institution formes specialists in Russian folk art, keeping alive and further advancing its tradition, perfection the skills of artistic craft. Unique production facilities are organized at the University. There, students can effectively put in action all technological processes related to the production of artistic ceramics. Within the course of "History of Gzhel Folk Art and Crafts", students of the Faculty of social and humanitarian education participate in artistic workshops and learn the basics of ceramics production.

 Every year on the 27th of September Faculty gives start to the Tourism Month- dedicated to the celebration of the International Tourism Day, established by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization. In the occasion, students visit tourist expositions, go on excursions to cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, conduct various concourses and quiz-games, and participate in animation programmes.

 Students elaborate and develop different tourist itineraries through the Moscow Region and Gzhel. Many excursion itineraries were officially approved: walking tour "The City of Ramenskoe at the turn of the Century", walking eco - tour "A walk through the Ramenskoe City Park", bus tour through Ramenskoe, bus tour "Shatura - City of Suns", bus tour to the town Khimki, walking tour "The Old-Believer Gzhel", excursion "Down the Railway to Gzel", walking tour "Gzhel Legends", etc. 


Programme Code Programme Profile Qualification (Degree) Duration
43.03.02 Tourism Tourist Operator and Travel Agency Manager BA 4 years
43.04.02 Tourism   MA 2 years
43.03.03 Hotel Business Hotel management and related activities BA 4 years
51.03.03 Sociocultural Activities Sociocultural activities related to Leisure Industry BA 4 years
44.03.01 Pedagogical Education 1. Physical Culture 2. Adaptive Physical Culture 3. Visual Arts 4. Foreign languages. BA 4 years
44.03.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education Psychology and Pedagogy BA 4 years
43.03.01 Service Service in the Tourism Industry BA 4 years


Students of the faculty of social and humanitarian education work out entertaining programmes for animators, participate in television projects, learn how to attend tourists coming to Gzhel and design excursions for them.

Formative activities of the Faculty includes the following programmes

Basic Profile Courses:

  • Technology and organization of activities related to travel agency management and operations in the sphere of tourism,

  • Legal aspects and assistance in travel agency management and operations in the sphere of tourism,

  • Innovations in sociocultural service and tourism,

  • Acting skills for tourist guides,

  • Hospitality industry,

  • Technologies of the selling processes

  • Tourism formalities,

  • Insurance and risks in tourism,

  • Technology and organization of national and international tourism,

  • Hotel business technologies

  • Hotel services standardization and quality control,

  • Legal regulation of Hotel business activities,

  • Information technologies in management of sociocultural activities,

  • Planning of sociocultural activities,

  • Innovation technologies in hotel industry,

  • Catering organization technology,

  • Hotel staff management,

  • Organization of Animation activities,

  • Advertising in tourism and service media, etc.


 Professional activity sphere includes elaboration and realization of organizational forms concerning comprehensive tourism service.

 Baccalaureates employed in tourist firms can fulfil the following duties: reservation agent, advertising and marketing manager, tourist firm director, head of marketing department, head of public relations department, head of costumer services department, head of HR department, etc.

 Job opportunities for students with BA in Sociocultural Activities include work in cultural and leisure centres, child pre-school and extracurricular institutions, scientific and research organizations, public and commercial structures, supplementary education centres, etc.

 Faculty graduates, as a rule, work as organizers of original sociocultural projects and programs, directors, administrators, producers, impresarios, market specialists, managers of innovative administration systems in the spheres of culture, leisure and art.

 Obtaining a degree at the Faculty of social and humanitarian education offers you unlimited possibilities of career choices and growth. Every year, our students became interns at the leading firms and enterprises of Moscow and Moscow Region, suitable to their educational profile. This way, students not only get firm knowledge concerning their professional subject matter, but they also acquire valuable work experience with the leading business representatives in Moscow Region and from abroad.


On excursion at the "Gzhel" CJS Company   Students on a training seminar in Czech Republic


In the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies (Prague, Czech Republic).   Students on a lecture


At the international competition of fashion and designers in Tashkent   Students’ diplomas


  Students’ diplomas