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  Faculty of Economics and Management  

 Faculty of Economics and Management presents itself as one of the most dynamically developing unit of our University. The Faculty was established in 2005 and, since its main activity back then consisted in the formation of state and municipal administration specialists, initially named - Faculty of Law and Management. In 2009 first generation of students enrolled to the specialist diploma programme "Finances and Credit", and from the 1st of September the Faculty changed its name to the present one.

 Most important task the Faculty is dedicated to consists in the formation of highly qualified specialists.

 ean of the faculty Borisova Oksana Vasilyevna, candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor.

 The Faculty holds firm position on the market of educational services within the Moscow Region. Structure of the Faculty appears as extremely well adapted to the market requirements. In 9 years around 250 specialists graduated from the Faculty. At present time, educational activities are centred on the realization of 3 Baccalaureate programmes.

 The Faculty Staff consists of highly qualified lecturers, among which 5 Full Professors - Doctors of Science, and 25 Assistant Professors - Ph.D. graduates.

 Within the framework of the education process students acquire deep knowledge of Economic Theory, Management, Stock Market, Banking, Firm Economics, Financial Management, Economics of the Public Sector and Taxation. Consolidation of acquired theoretical concepts and models are achieved through the participation in various internship programs realized in cooperation with leading regional firms, municipal and state administration agencies. Besides that, educational and methodological learning complexes worked out by the Faculty specialists allow each student to effectively organize individual learning process. 


Programme Code Programme Profile Qualification (Degree) Duration
38.03.01 Economics Finance and Credit BA 4 years
38.04.01 Economics   MA 2 years
38.03.03 Human Resources Management Organization Human Resources Management BA 4 years
38.03.02 Management Organization Management BA 4 years
38.04.08 Finance and Credit   MA 2 years
38.03.04 State and Municipality administration Municipality Administration BA 4 years
38.03.05 Business Informatics   BA 4 years

Formative activities of the Faculty includes the following programmes

Basic Profile Courses:

  • Microeconomics,

  • Banking,

  • Corporate finances,

  • Management,

  • Budget institutions finances,

  • Modelling of socio-economical processes,

  • International finance,

  • Investment rating,

  • Complex analysis of economic activities,

  • International standards of financial accounting,

  • Insurance,

  • Financial management

  • Project management

  • Accounting and analysis,

  • State and municipal property management,

  • Municipal law,

  • State and municipal commission management,

  • Regional administration and territorial planning,

  • Russian Federation tax system,

  • Labour law,

  • Land law, ect.


 Students of the Faculty take an active participation in inter-university and international scientific conferences and student Olympics.

 Traditional festive events at the Faculty include "The Freshmans Day", Faculty Days and Graduation Evenings. Also, students take active participation in University-wide events. The Faculty has its own KVN (Club of the Merry and Quick-witted) team with the most active students regularly taking part in its activities. Considerable attention is dedicated to the organisation of students leisure.

 The Faculty maintains close connections with entrepreneurs, regional organisations and regional administrative agencies, helps students with the realization of internship and externship programs and, once they have graduated, helps them in the employment process.



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