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Admission Regulations for foreign citizens in Gzhel State University

General provisions

1. Admission of foreign citizens in Gzhel State University has been regulated by the rules of the Department of International Relations.

2. Admission of foreign citizens in Gzhel State University is carried out in the order established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, according to the international agreements of the Russian Federation and intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation at the expense of means of the relevant budget of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation, and also under contracts with payment of tuition fee by physical and (or) legal entities.

3. Admission of foreign citizens for tutoring according to bachelor and master’s degree programs is carried out in the terms provided for Russian citizens.

4. When filing the application (in Russian) for admission to the University the foreign citizen provides the following documents:

- passport, the copy of the identification document or any identification paper in Russian;
- migration card, an entry visa;

- the original of the certificate (document) on education and its notarized translation into Russian with the indication of the studied subjects and the marks received;

-  the certificate of the equivalence of the certificates of education obtained at the Federal Department of Control in the Sphere of Education and Science (except the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, South Ossetia) (see website "Glaveksperttsentr», www.glavex.ru, http://nic.gov.ru/ru/proc/nic);
- 4 photos 3x4;

-  medical certificate in due form 0 86U or international certificate (for those who enter the full-time training, and at the Faculty of distance learning in directions "Teacher Education", "Psycho-pedagogical education");

- medical certificate on the absence of HIV infection;

- medical insurance policy valid in Russia.

5. For training according to master’s programme the foreign citizens holding Bachelor’s Degree, or Specialist Degree, or any other foreign document    of the education level and (or) the qualification, nationally recognized in the Russian Federation at the level of the bachelor’s degree, or the diploma of the expert with higher education, or the diploma of the expert are accepted.

6. All documents must be legalized.

7. Admission of foreign citizens in higher educational institutions on training for the bachelor degree programme or specialist training programme is carried out on the basis of results of entrance examinations on the corresponding basic education subjects which form is defined by GSU independently.

8. Admission of foreign citizens in the University for training is carried out under the conditions established by these rules of admission.  

9. If the foreign citizens passed EGE (state exam) in the relevant general subjects in the current year, the University takes into account the results of the exam as the results of entrance examinations.

10. Admission and consideration of the documents and applications, execution of the contract for training, translation, restoration and expulsion of foreign citizens are carried out by the relevant departments and the Department of International Relations.

11. Enrollment of foreign citizens for training on a contract basis with payment of tuition fees by physical or legal persons is carried out in the terms established in GSU.  The order and the contract are the basis for visa registration of a foreign student in the Department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in the Moscow region.
12. Transferring from other Russian universities and foreign countries, the recovery and the internal changes of the foreign student’s status are determined by the Rector of GSU.
13. The students can get such authority punishment as: warning, reprimand or expel for failed/ missed exams, breach of the University Internal Rules , the Residence Rules or any other local acts.

14. Foreign citizens enrolled by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in the framework of the annual quota, expelled for academic failure can be restored only on a contractual basis (only by GSU leadership).
15. The cost of living in a student dormitory of GSU is about 1900 rubles per month.
16. Medical insurance or an agreement on health care is about 5000 rubles.
17. Foreign citizens pay for  their own examination of the documents on education. For information about the cost of their contact Glaveksperttsentr (www.glavex.ru, http://nic.gov.ru/ru/proc/nic).