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Migration registration for foreigners

Migration support for foreign applicants, foreign students and foreign teachers are provided by the specialist on passport and visa work in GSU Tatyana Larionova, tel. 8-499-553-80-03, larionova@bk.ru (room 217).

Migration support includes a wide range of different issues related to the ensurance of compliance with migration legislation of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens entering, studying and working in GSU, including:

- making of invitations for entry into the Russian Federation for foreign citizens who are trained according to the programs of the higher education, additional educational programs and for teachers;

- advising foreign citizens on getting an entry visa for studying at the University; 

- statement on migration registration of  foreign citizens for  full-time study, living in the hostel and working in GSU;

- control over the timely extension of stay (visa), confirming the legality of the foreign citizen’s stay in Russia.


Making of invitations 


For getting a training (working) visa you should contact office 217.

Period of making of invitation to entry to the Russian Federation on the letterhead of the Federal Migration Service is 20 working days.

 The original invitation can be obtained by a trusted person or mail with a payment at the expense of the recipient.


Compliance with immigration legislation 


Every foreign student should know the order of registration of foreign students in Gzhel State Universityand the most important excerpts from it are the following:

-  according to the current law foreign students should register within seven days from the day they entered into the Russian Federation and inform the specialist on passport and visa work T.A. Larionova in room 217;

-   in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens must always have their passports, visas, migration cards and registration coupons with them  (for citizens of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia).

While studying you need to take care about prolongation of your registration in Federal Migration Service and you must hand in your identity documents to room 206. It must be prolonged no less than 25 days before the expiry of the visa (for countries with visa regime stay) and no later than 14 days before the expiry of the tear-off part of the notice form with Federal Migration Service (FMS) stamp certifying the migration registration (registration blank) (for citizens from countries with visa-free regime).

If your passport was lost (or stolen) you should report to the police and get an offícial note certifying the loss of your passport. After that you can apply for a new passport in the Embassy or Consulate of your country.