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Dear guests!

We invite you and your students to visit Gzhel State University.

For more than a century (from 1899) our educational institution formes specialists in Russian folk art, keeping alive and further advancing its tradition, perfection the skills of artistic craft. Unique production facilities are organized at the University. There, students can effectively put in action all technological processes related to the production of artistic ceramics.

Gzhel State University has great experience in the formation of artists - masters in the work with porcelain, majolica, chamotte. We invite you to acquaint yourself with the ceramics production, and learn about the Gzhel craft from its very beginnings to the present (through lectures, excursions, visit to the Museum of ceramics, participation in master classes and other activities). For the best drawing and modeling works a Gzhel Souvenir will be assigned.

At the end of educational programme you will receive a Certificate of Supplementary Education in Decorative and Applied Art and Traditional Crafts. You may also acquire porcelain and majolica artefacts, porcelain scrap and clay at the producers price.


Individual excursions from 1 person to 10 people - 650 Roubles per person

Duration of Lessons - 1 hour 30 minutes

Duration of the Master class - 45 minutes

Duration of Lessons with translator - 2 hours

Duration of the Master class with translator - 45 minutes

Excursions must be reserved in advance, by phone. You should indicate the excursion date and the time of your arrival.


Our address: 140155, Russia,

Moscow Region,

Ramensky District,

Elektroizolyator (township) 67.


Gzhel State University

Tel/Fax 8 (496) 496-76-40;

e-mail: artgzhel@yandex.ru;

Internet site: www.art-gzhel.ru


Ovcharenko Yulia Nikolaevna - Head of the Museum


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