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140155 Moscow region
Ramensky district
s. Electroizolyator, 67
Tel: 8(496) 469-75-33
Tel/Fax: 8(496)464-76-40


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The infrastructure of higher educational institution includes
academic and economic buildings, two hostels, the canteen, the sports ground. The territory of the campus is fenced with a fence.

The academic building is equipped with 30 classrooms for lectures and practical lessons, 6 computer classrooms with modern computers, multimedia and peripheral equipment, big learning and practice workshops, 9 workshops on artistic wood carving and glass, 14 specialized rooms for painting, drawing, sculpture, design , the museum of Applied and Decorative Arts, there is a buffet bar, a medical center, a library, an assembly hall and a gym.

The reading room is equipped with modern computers with the Internet access and the access to the electronic library system. Students have the opportunity to use it for individual work.

University building   New Hostel


Vestibule   Main Hall

Central stairway   Student Canteen

Gym   Sports ground
19   20
Gym   Wrestling hall

Bar   Training and production workshops

Roasting workshop   Hostels

Museum   Language room
16   21
Lecture halls   omputer class


Library   Library