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Ilkevich  Boris  Vladimirovich was born 15.09.1955. In 1972 he entered the Higher military specialized school in Serpuhov. In 1977 he finished the specialized school with excellent results. From 1977 till 1981 he served in the military division. From 1981 till 1985 he headed the department of automated control systems at the military institute of missile troops in Perm. In 1987 he finished the evening department course of aduncture at the Military Academy named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky. From 1985 till 1991 he worked as a teacher and then as a senior teacher at the chair of  physical instalations’ automation. From 1993 till 2003 he headed this chair.

B.V. Ilkevich is experienced in teaching humanitarian disciplines. He took the course of vocational training in Social psychology and Philosophy at the department of vocational training at Perm State university. He’s got a first rate certificate as a specialist in teaching Social pedagogics and Social work pedagogics.

He’s been working at Gzhel Art-Industrial institute since 2003. He occupied the positions of the professor, dean, vice-rector in scientific and educational work. B.V. Ilkevich has been rector of the institute since April, 2008. In 1989 he defended the dissertation in competition of a scientific degree as a candidate of technical sciences. The theme of the dissertation is “The synthesis of direct charge’s detector and physical installation of automated systems”. In 2002 became doctor of pedagogical sciences. The themes of the dissertations are “Computer teaching programs as a means of forming professional motivation of students”,  “Professional-motivated teaching at the institutes”. B.V. Ilkevich is an author of 170 scientific works and innovations. He was awarded with a distinction paper as “Inventor of the USSR”. In 2005 he became laureate   in the competition “The grant of Moscow”, in the sphere of sciences and technologies in education. He made a scientific school in the sphere of pedagogics. Five competitors  of a scientific degree defended their dissertations under his leadership.

He is currently engaged in scientific-research work. He’s also a dissertation council member and puts much value on arranging scientific and creative work.

In 1993 he was assigned rank of an associate professor. In 2003 he became professor at the chair of physical installations automation. He’s been appointed academician of international academy of sciences of pedagogical education since 27 April, 2010. He’s an author of 25 teaching and methodic text-books. He’s served as an example in performing his duties as a teacher for many years, delivers lectures at a high professional level. He delivers all types of classes at the chair of service and tourism. He conducts classes at the “School of a young teacher”, where he transfers his experience to young teachers.

He took part in the process of transforming Gzhel Art-Industrial college into the institute which started in 2002. His knowledge and experience of teaching at high school as well as his activeness and competency helped a lot in forming the structure of the institute within a short period of time, to create teaching-methodic and scientific resources, to arrange teaching-educational process in five specialties of higher professional education. The number of the students studying at the institute and, it’s structural subdivision college is currently increasing.

B.V. Ilkevich is responsible and demanding to himself and to those he works with. He’s respected by the colleagues. He’s got a distinction paper from the president of the Russian Federation, honored with three  state and five branch awards: jubilee medal “60 years of the USSR armed troops” (1978), jubilee medal  “70 years of the USSR armed troops” (1988), medal for “distinction in military service of the second degree” (1993), the medal for excellent military service of the second degree (1998), medal for the distinction in military service of the first degree (1996), medal for “200 years to the Ministry of Defence” (2002), distinction mark “main marshal of the artillery of Nedelin (2003), mark “Honored worker of  higher professional education of the Russian Federation” (2010).