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Dear friends!

Welcome to Federal State Budget Educational Institution «Gzhel State University» (GSU) web-site!

Our university`s success is based on conservation of glorious traditions and sustainable desire of improvement.
Year by year our University strengthens positions in educational and research work. All GSU students have an opportunity to develop themselves through participation in creative teams, workshops and sports club. 
For many years, these creative forces of GSU are the winners and laureates of international and national competitions, winners of the All-Russian Festival "Student Spring" and the International Competition "The Blue Bird of Gzhel". The university created the conditions for the training and education of a new generation of motivated and modern-minded young people. Here, not only professional competencies are formed, but also such personal qualities as civic maturity, a sense of responsibility, leadership qualities, and general culture also.

The development strategy of the university allows us to confidently move along the path of improving the educational and social work, development of innovative process.

There is no doubt that joint efforts of GSU students, lecturers and employees can bring us the most interesting, important and promising goals!

 N.N. Uvarova,

The Acting Rector of GSU,
candidate of pedagogics, Associate Professor


Уварова Н.Н. 

Uvarova  N.N.
The Acting Rector of GSU 

Ilkevich  Boris  Vladimirovich 

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